Our purpose

Together, with nature, we power lifetimes to come. This is what drives us every day.

Generating energy in the most sustainable way, safeguarding the environment, and helping generations of people fulfil their ambitions. Ensuring our children and grandchildren are able to access the opportunities we had to be safe, chase dreams, and travel. Seeing the communities we’re a part of strengthened through the sharing of value. And knowing our shareholders and employees are rewarded for investing in our ambition.

To fulfil our purpose we will stay true to our values of impact, care, and connection. And we will do this every day by exploring the unknown with curiosity, connecting differing perspectives with respect, making considered decisions, and taking action with courage.

Our manifesto

We aim to lead the energy transition, investing in all the elements that are crucial for its implementation: renewable generation, electrification, energy efficiency and more flexible consumption.

We will provide the energy solutions that produce a more sustainable energy system, using our extensive experience and skills. What differentiates us is our duty of care towards our colleagues, clients, the environment, and the communities within which we work.​

This starts with an expert understanding of how the market is evolving and ends with creating shared value for all.​ ​

Our values


We drive impact through our curiosity to explore and our courage to evolve what we do, respectfully challenging the status quo and relentlessly committing to action.


We choose to focus on the common goal, empowering others and unlocking potential, sensitive to the needs and feelings of those around us.


There’s power in diversity, so we integrate our strengths, working towards a shared future and celebrating the contribution we each make.

Sustainability. Responsibility. Impact.

Although producing and enabling the wider use of clean energy is fundamental to what we do, we believe we have to do more.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy guides the operations, actions, and decisions of our international business.

It’s grounded in the values we hold dear and empowers each and every one of us to deliver our shared purpose to work with nature and power lifetimes to come.  

Sustainability reporting

Each year we publish a sustainability report to showcase our ESG performance, as well as the vision, strategy, and annual plan upon which our performance is measured. It goes beyond the data to show, in real terms, the impact that our connections have with the world.


Our ESG strategy is directly linked to our purpose and guides us in our contributions towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in line with our values. We translate our ESG strategy into action through an annual plan, comprised of actions, targets and metrics.

Community engagement

We care deeply about our people, our stakeholders, and the communities we’re a part of. Since establishing the first community benefit fund in 2005, we have created successful initiatives at many of our sites, connecting people, building relationships and adding value.

Digital sustainability

We’re working to decarbonise our digital presence starting with our website. We’re decarbonising through reduced image sizes, subset fonts, and the introduction of eco-mode. The result?
Our home page alone has gone from a CO2 footprint of 7.94g down to 0.2g.

Our history

Nadara’s strength comes from our wonderfully diverse people, proud moments, and pioneering initiatives, combining to give us a history that empowers our present and elevates our ambitions. Discover how two of Europe’s sector-leading renewable energy generators, Renantis and Ventient Energy, came together to form Nadara.   


2002: Renantis S.p.A., formerly Falck Renewables, was established, with its first renewable energy project – a 14MW waste-to-energy plant in Calabria, Italy.

2004: Acquires first wind farm in Spain.

2005: Completes construction on its first UK wind farm.

2006: Launches community project in the UK through a pioneering partnership with the Energy4All Foundation, enabling thousands of people in Scotland to buy a share of their local wind farm.

2009: Commissions its first wind farms in France. 

2011: First wind farms in Italy start operations.

2020: Enters strategic partnerships to accelerate the development of renewables portfolio in the US.

2021: First Spanish wind farm comes into operation. Acquires SAET, designer and builder of high voltage electrical systems and energy storage plants. First Italian project with direct community involvement begins with a crowdfunding campaign for the Landolina (Scicli) plant in Sicily.


2017: Ventient Energy is established, with a total of 34 onshore wind farms in the UK and owned by the same institutional investors as Renantis.

2018: Awarded the highest 5-star GRESB rating.

2019: Acquires 69 wind farms across continental Europe. Awarded 5-star GRESB rating and recognised with Sector Leader status.

2020: Acquires Portuguese owner and operator Iberwind, adding 31 wind farms and integrating the team into the organisation. Awarded 5-star GRESB rating and retains Sector Leader status.

2021: Becomes the largest non-utility onshore wind generator in Europe, managing 135 windfarms and 2.6GW of installed capacity.

2022: Acquires 203MW of onshore wind and 240MW of solar capacity in Spain. Achieves 100 in the GRESB ratings, receives a 5-star rating and attains Sector Leader status for the fourth time.


2023: Renantis and Ventient both receive 5-star GRESB rating. A merger of the two organisations is announced.

2024: We combine and become Nadara, one of the largest renewable independent power producers (IPPs) in Europe with a team of over 1,000 talented employees, an installed capacity of 4.2 GW, and an 18 GW pipeline.

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