Our values of Impact, Care, and Connection came from within.

Born out of our work so far, defining how we want to operate now, and powering our ambitions for the future.

Nadara has a long history of making things happen while taking a responsible approach and building trust. We draw on the pillar of care when approaching everything we do, nurturing relationships with those around us, so that together we can increase our positive impact.

We are committed to developing our people

The workplace environment that we curate balances the freedom for colleagues to create and innovate, with the structure for learning and professional growth. Nadara employees live by the principles of fairness, equity and inclusion, embracing a culture of trust and care.

We provide a stimulating and safe environment, where both similarities and differences are valued equally and where a collaborative culture is essential for success. We strive to be agents of change, empowering each other to grow both personally and professionally through engaging work that delivers on our purpose.

The value of diversity and inclusion for growth

A diverse workforce is essential for Nadara and we are committed to protecting and enhancing it throughout our business.
A fusion of characteristics, life experiences and heritage can level-up the creativity, perspectives and ways of working within teams and we champion this.

Growing together

Every day is an opportunity to grow and our growth programme reflects this ethos. Our training courses provide colleagues with opportunity to grow their skills both individually and together with colleagues, contributing to sustainable development.

Our e-learning platforms are available to everyone and include a wide range of training courses and resourced on both soft and hard skills.

The aim is to share our technical knowledge and create valuable synergies within the group, at all levels and in each country.

We hold internal business updates, completely developed internally with the effort of our colleagues.

Our internal events promote charity, wellness and sport activities to give a sense of community while helping others

A good service/benefits package helps improve the work-life balance and the quality of work itself.

Our innovation culture

Nadara is full of people with bright ideas, new ways of thinking and the skills to bring those ideas to life. So we launched the InnovatorLab – a company-wide programme open to all employees, celebrating our innovation, collaboration and empowering culture.

Our goal with the Innovation Programme?

To inspire ideas, and provide our colleagues with the resources to challenge the status quo

Received more than 60 innovative applications from our colleagues

Held roadshows in London, Madrid, and Milan

Had top applicants join our PitchLab

A series of workshops and individual training sessions preparing them for the moment of truth

Are working with the top four teams to bring their ideas to life

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