20 Years in the Renewable energy sector

As an early pioneer in renewables, we began building strong relationships with suppliers from the very beginning. Since establishing the first plant together in 2002, we have created a successful portfolio of assets across Europe and the US.

4.2GW installed capacity

We’re one of Europe’s largest independent power producers, with 92% of our installed capacity coming from wind, generated by almost 2,000 turbines.

18GW in development

Across onshore wind, offshore wind, solar, and storage, we’re working every day to increase our installed capacity, providing jobs, encouraging innovation, and driving net-zero.

Let’s work together

At Nadara, sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of our operations, including our supplier partnerships, and our procurement guidelines outline the principles and practices that govern our sourcing processes.

We are committed to working in partnership with our supply chain to achieve common sustainability objectives.

We aim to create a short supply chain wherever possible to promote economic development in our local communities while reducing our environmental impact.

As a significant player within the industry, we have a responsibility to lead by example, setting high standards for environmental and social stewardship, and building robust ESG data exchanges with our suppliers.

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