Working with us

The Nadara team is made up of many competencies, backgrounds, and abilities. All guided by our values of impact, care, and connection to fulfil our purpose in a way that benefits everyone.

We champion those who think outside the box and explore innovative solutions, exploring the unknown with curiosity and choosing open-mindedness over judgement. And every day we ask ourselves: how we can integrate our strengths and find synergy in our wonderful diversity, bringing people together and connecting perspectives with respect.

We’re in a dynamic industry, but we always take the time to consider before we make decisions, communicating our choice with confidence and owning the consequences, taking action and delivering with courage, celebrating each others’ successes.

We’re proud of the way we work, and we love our strong recognition and reward culture. Everyone at Nadara can take control of their career, supported by our rich learning and development programmes and diverse opportunities across the company.

Our methodology of hiring and engaging people

Our methodology includes involving hiring managers right from the beginning of the process, ensuring their active engagement in candidate evaluations during interviews. 

It is an occasion to assess candidates’ motivation and ambition, and explore their experience from different perspectives, speaking about technical competences, managerial skills and cross competences. Moreover, we rely on structured interviews to explore people’s behaviours and how they are close to our company’s culture.

Discover who we are

We’re proud of our values. They’re a big part of what makes Nadara such a great place to work, learn and grow. So, when it comes to joining our team, we think it’s really important that your candidate experience demonstrates impact, care, and connection.

The result? From the moment you apply, you’ll begin to explore our culture and understand our expectations, and we’re able to align with people who feel represented by our corporate identity. Ultimately, we know you have a choice, and our goal is to convey the passion and enthusiasm we apply to our work every day by showing you why you should choose us.

Nadara is more than just a job

A stimulating environment

Our workplaces across Europe and in the US balance the freedom for colleagues to create and innovate with a structure that empowers them to learn and grow professionally.

You’ll be a part of a thriving and safe environment, with similarities and differences valued equally and a collaborative culture that is essential for success. 

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