Explore the unknown with curiosity

How are we choosing to see this?

  • Finding the possibilities in challenges and change.
  • Choosing to turn down our judgment on people.
  • Admitting we don’t know while generating options.

Connect differing perspectives with respect

How can we bridge our differences?

  • Bringing people together to integrate our strengths.
  • Challenging each other with clarity and sensitivity.
  • Generating synergies from diversity.

Make decisions with quality

How are we preparing to act?

  • Pausing to reflect before committing to action.
  • Making decisions with quality in mind & owning the consequences.
  • Communicating with clarity and confidence.

Take action and deliver with courage

How can we make things happen?

  • Acting as a protagonist for progress.
  • Mobilising others to take action, not giving up.
  • Seeing how my actions impact on our success.
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