The circa 1.4MWp plant, inaugurated today in the presence of the local authorities, will allow the Abruzzo-based company to produce approximately a third of its energy requirements and avoid around 800 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Teramo/Milan, 18th April 2024 – Renantis – an international company that develops, designs, builds and manages onshore wind farms, solar plants, energy storage systems and floating marine wind projects in various countries around the world – and ARS TECH – a company specialised in the production of carbon fibre components and a benchmark supplier in the motorsport and ultra-high performance automotive sector – announce the powering-up of a circa 1.4 MWp rooftop photovoltaic system at the ARS TECH factory in Controguerra, in the province of Teramo.

Inaugurated today in the presence of local institutions and representatives of the two companies, the fully operational photovoltaic system is expected to produce 1,700 MWh of renewable energy per year with a saving in terms of carbon dioxide emissions of around 800 tonnes, allowing the Teramo-based company to cover approximately one third of its energy requirements and reducing the environmental impact of the production cycle. The excess energy can be fed into the grid, encouraging the use of renewable energy in the region and, at the same time, allowing ARS TECH to amortise the costs of building the plant and to generate value.

Renantis oversaw both the design, preliminary and executive engineering of the system, made up of 2,838 photovoltaic modules, 8 inverters, low and medium voltage switchboards and a transformer. Furthermore, the project involved the installation of a monitoring system and a CCI (Central Plant Controller) supplied by Energy Team, a Renantis Group company.

The installation of the new system is part of a long journey undertaken by ARS TECH over the last few years. Its business model is in fact characterised by the continuous search for product quality based on innovation, on the integration of the “Total in House” production system and on the commitment to environmental sustainability objectives. The production cycle is, in fact, 100% undertaken in-house: from design to production, up to inspection and final testing. These systems also include the recycling of production materials, which are repurposed into high-quality raw materials and used to create new equipment.

Renantis’ commitment to the development of sustainable energy solutions is demonstrated in our collaboration with ARS TECH – comments Pietro Torretta, Distributed Photovoltaic Business Development Director at Renantis – Projects of this type enhance our work with both companies and the region through the design and implementation of custom renewable energy systems. At the same time, this commitment embodies our vision for a future where technological innovation and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. Our objective is to demonstrate how, through strategic partnerships and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, it is possible to pursue operational excellence while simultaneously reducing the impact on our planet, taking an important step in the conscious management of resources and in the commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable environment for future generations“.

Thanks to the close collaboration with Renantis – comments Carlo Balucani, CEO of ARS TECH, we are now able to produce approximately 30% of the annual energy requirements of our factory, guaranteeing compliance with and the maximisation of ESG principles, and satisfying not only our need for energy independence, but also the aspirations of our customers. As the only company in the world capable of creating the equipment with which to produce the carbon fibre components used in our industry, thanks to circular economy systems we can now say that even the electrical energy necessary for the operation of the production lines used to manufacture this equipment comes from renewable sources. Our customers can therefore boast a more environmentally friendly supply chain (being able to say that the equipment with which the components of their hypercars are produced is made using circular economy processes and powered by renewable energy is an advantage that only ARS TECH can provide). Green speed!”.

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