The initiative, aimed at financing part of the plant’s construction, provides annual returns of up to 7.5% for residents of Galatone and the province of Lecce, and up to 6.5% for residents of the Puglia region.

Renantis brings its sustainable approach to Puglia, sharing the value generated by its renewable energy plants, to promote widespread sustainability in synergy with the local area and communities.

Milan, 14 December 2023 – Renantis launches its new lending crowdfunding campaign in Puglia aimed at helping local communities to invest in a solar plant being developed in Galatone, province of Lecce. The plant will be developed on a 10-hectare industrial area and will have an installed capacity of 6.5 MW with construction beginning in early 2024. Once in operation, the project is expected to produce more than 12 GWh of clean energy per year, equal to the energy needs of around 5,000 households, with carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions savings of around 3,300 tonnes per year.

Through lending crowdfunding – a widespread and virtual financing model – Puglia’s citizens will have the opportunity to finance part of the construction of the Galatone plant through an online fundraising platform managed by Ener2Crowd, an authorised provider of crowdfunding services. The campaign – available from today on, owned by Ener2Crowd – will be showcased to the local community from 15 to 17 December, at an event in Galatone, Piazza San Sebastiano.

Citizens can participate with amounts between EUR 200 and EUR 10,000. The capital will be repaid after 36 months by Renantis and the interest, which will accrue annually, will be remunerated at advantageous rates: 6.5% per annum for residents of Galatone and the province of Lecce, and 5.5% for all other residents of Puglia. An additional rate of 1%, named a ‘fast ticket’, is offered for those who invest before 7 January 2024. This crowdfunding initiative differs from other operators in the renewables sector because the loan and rates are guaranteed by Renantis and are not linked to the actual production and yield of the plant. This offer is exclusively reserved for residents of the Puglia region. Eventually, there is the possibility of early exit.

Renantis has already successfully closed three lending crowdfunding campaigns – in Terzo di Aquileia and Manzano (in the province of Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia) and in Scicli (Ragusa, Sicily) – for renewable energy plants, raising almost half a million euro. The Scicli campaign won the UnipolSai “L’Italia che verrà” (Italy to come) award in the “Territory” category. The award recognises virtuous Italian companies committed to designing and implementing the country’s sustainable future.

Renantis recognises the importance of cultivating constructive and lasting ties with local communities,” commented Giangiacomo Altobelli, community relations manager for Renantis in Italy. “We are confident that we will encounter the same interest as in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sicily in Galatone, where we have just inaugurated the Christmas illuminations and decorations, which we sponsored within the launch of the campaign. Being able to involve the population in the realisation of sustainable installations, developed with respect for the local area and environment, is a priority for us. But our commitment does not stop there. We are continuously looking for new ways to support the local development of the communities in which we operate. Other initiatives with a social, educational and environmental impact will be promoted in the future in the area.”

The project

The Galatone project, to be built in the industrial area of Contrada Delfini, includes the planting of a tree screen around the perimeter of the plant. Mixed hedges, within the perimeter of the park, allow the plant to be screened to visually blend the technology with the surrounding environment.

The solar tracking technology allows a 20% higher energy production than traditional fixed structures, based on the same panel surface area.

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