Palermo, 31 August 2023 – Renantis has supported the organisation of the exhibition in memory of Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, a Carabinieri general and prefect of Palermo, killed on 3 September 1982.  

The exhibition is open to visitors from 1st September at Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo, until 10 November.  

Toni Volpe, CEO of Renantis, commented: “It is important to celebrate the memory of those who, like General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, gave their lives in the line of duty to the State. Exhibitions like this help to raise awareness, especially for new generations, reinforces the commitment of citizens to defend democracy. It reminds them of the values of legality, justice and civic sense to keep these important values alive. By supporting this exhibition in Palermo, we share our commitment to these values while respecting our country’s history.”

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