Last summer, we announced that Renantis and Ventient Energy would join forces to form one of the largest renewable independent power producers (IPPs) in Europe.

Today, we are proud to announce that this summer, the two companies will become Nadara.

A reflective name for our combined business

In January 2024 we legally became one business, with a team of over 1,000 talented employees, an installed capacity of 4.2 GW, and an 18 GW pipeline. The combined organisation needed a new brand to reflect its market position and capture our new, shared purpose, and the first stage, now completed, was deciding on our new name.

We launched an internal contest to receive naming suggestions from our employees, with almost 250 names being proposed and evaluated. Guided by our legacy, who we are now, and our ambition to impact the future through renewable energy, we reduced those names down to one. The name Nadara was inspired by Climate and Environmental Impact Manager, Ed Flanders.

“Perfectly embodying our commitment to renewable energy”

The inspiration for the name came from the meaning of the word and its relevance to the organisation, as Ed explains:

“Nadara comes from the Scottish Gaelic word ‘Nàdarra’, which means ‘natural’ in English. It perfectly embodies our commitment to renewable energy and is a nod to the strong Scottish heritage of both Ventient Energy and Renantis with their significant Scottish asset base and close connection to the local communities.”

Ed continues:

“Though inspired by our Scottish roots, we have now evolved into a globally diverse company, taking these traits with us across Europe and beyond. Nadara ultimately represents where we have come from but is also a vision of the future as an international company with our connection to the natural world at the heart of our identity.”

Building our brand

We have a new name, and this is the first big step in our rebrand. This summer we will combine it with our unifying purpose, values, and behaviours through an official launch to create an identity that embodies everything we now are. Until then, we will continue to operate under the Renantis and Ventient Energy names and to work with nature to advance the energy transition, power futures to come, and create a positive impact, both locally and globally, through renewable energy and sustainable growth.

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