For the last 30 years, Olov Mikael Kramer has been active within Corporate Finance, M&A and Business Development.

Since 2015, he is engaged as an advisor to investors and incumbents in the energy infrastructure sector.

He is also non-executive director for IIF’s investments in the European onshore wind company Ventient Energy and non-executive director and Chairman for the Finnish district heating and Industrial Energy Solutions company Adven/Värmevärden active in Finland, Sweden and the Baltics.

Olov Mikael Kramer was previously employed for 17 years with the energy company Vattenfall.

During the time with Vattenfall, he acted for 11 years as VP/ Director and Head of Group Mergers and Acquisitions during its acquisitive expansion to become one of Europe’s largest energy companies.

Previous to that position, he was employed at a Swedish-based venture capital group executing turnarounds of distressed companies, real estate portfolio and debt restructuring as well as corporate finance with Swedish bank group Nordea.

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